Varun Kumar

Cloud Architect at Microsoft

(The Open Group Certified: TOGAF® 9, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Agile and Scrum Practitioner, Delivery Management)


Microsoft User Group Hyderabad – UG Meet

Serverless Computing using Azure functions
Microsoft User Group Hyderabad (MUGH ) online User Group Meet on September 05, 2020 from 10:30 AM. The sessions are on Visual Studio Code and Azure Serverless computing.

Devengers Community Meetup

Microservices Architecture and Serverless Computing
This is the Community Meetup organized by Skillenza in collaboration with Microsoft on Nov 23, 2019. The topic of discussion is Microservices Architecture and Serverless Computing.

Microsoft World-wide Community

Azure Service Bus
A deep dive session on Azure Service Bus for the developers, consulants and Architects. The session covers the various offerings from Azure for brokered messaging and what edge Azure Service Bus provides.




AvNext- Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform

Renault and Nissan Alliance
The RNA AvNext solution is a connected car platform providing smart services to the Smart car Customers of the Alliance. This allows provisioning of the devices attached in the car to the ANext, usrers to subscribe to services and then controlling the features of the car through remote devices. It also collects the huge volume of telemetry data from the car for troubleshooting and analysis.

Contact Management Programme

(Thames valley police and Hampshire constabulary, UK)
CMP is the emergency management system, in joint collaboration of Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary, wherein the citizens of UK can report an Incident through call (999, 101), SMS and web portal. The application is developed on CRM dynamics with around 40 Integrations through Web API and Azure Service bus.

Safe Flight

(Maple Leaf Food, Canada)
Safe Flight is Azure IOT based solution for MLF to advance the care of poultry during the transport from growing farms to processing plants. This will help MLF to reduce the overall Death on arrival rate by 50% with the help of real-time environment monitoring and advance analytics to alert drivers and central monitoring team.

Rategain Optima

Optima helps the clients in Hotel Industry across the globe (majorly in USA and Europe) to gain maximum revenue. The unique product collects data from multiple OTAs (such as Expedia, TripAdvisor) through Web Crawling, applies algorithms on the same and helps Hotels to decide on the revenue for each Room per night.


Rezgain is an online hotel channel manager and a highly scalable PaaS solutions, working on Azure, that effectively automates the process of online rates and inventory distribution, near real-time, minimizing the hassles associated with overbooking and mismatched inventory.

Bank Payment Solutions

(Imperial Bank, Kenya and Uganda)
Electronic funds transfer system (EFT) is the electronic system for the transfer of money from one account to another, either within a single financial institution or across multiple institutions.

Automated classification and processing (OCR)

(Genworth Insurance, USA)
It’s an OCR based system to extract electronic data from documents, sent by GNW customers, for different LOB via multiple mediums: Email, eFax and US Postal Services. The physical documents are scanned at MRO located in USA. Classification of documents is done automatically in order to identify the type (e.g. claim, VA etc).

Image based cheque clearing system

(Bramer Banking Corporation, Mauritius)
Image based cheque-clearing system or CTS is an online clearing system where cheque images and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) data are captured at the collecting bank branch and transmitted electronically.

American Express (GBT)

OCR Based application for extraction and conversion of data from multiple sources such as Fax/Email/Post.

Image based cheque clearing system and OCR based extraction

[Duration: 02/13 – 01/14 ~ 11 months: 4 months off-shore and 7 months on-site ]

I was involved in the database and architectural design of the project as per the existing system, development and implementation of the same on client side in Mumbai.

Image based cheque clearing system

(Prudential Bank, Ghana)
[Duration: 02/14 – 08/11 ~ 7 months: 4 months off-shore and 3 months on-site ]

I was involved in the entire SDLC of the project and interaction with client for requirement understanding and following the change requests. Also the system was integrated seamlessly with Core Banking System (FlexCube), Net Banking and ATM

Facilities management system

FMS is a web-based application that integrates and simplifies the operation of facilities and building systems, allowing enterprise-wide connectivity, monitoring and reporting of vital operational information. It helps to maintain all the necessary records with the ease of access to employee and Management.


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